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Mother’s day has just been and gone here in England and it got me thinking. Motherhood causes such a transformation in us but there is so much going on with our brand new little person in those first few weeks that sometimes we don’t even notice the subtlety of its magic. Before we know it, it has crept up over us and its force is unshakeable.

I don’t know about you guys but I have so many moments a day now when I half laugh/half cringe at how terribly mumsy I’ve become! I mean, how, where and when did that even happen!?

Eek, you know the moments I mean right? The ones where you almost see your own mother in the mirror as you walk by!  Yup those ones – I can just see Sophia rolling her little eyes at me now!

Raise ’em up high if you can relate…both mine are up! (Hands and feet)

  1. Reaching into your handbag thinking you’ve found your lipstick and pulling out a tube of Bonjela teething gel instead
  2. Being the proud owner of a handbag that rattles and squeaks
  3. Doing a victory dance when your little one burps (bottom burps included)
  4. Picking up your tiny human to smell their bottom is completely normal and totally necessary
  5. Your night owl days are dead and gone. If you stay up past 9, you’re a hero. No really, #rockstar
  6. You are exhausted just watching your cousins on Snapchat. Yes, Erica, this one is about you!
  7. A lie in is 7am. A lie in till 8am is a miracle and you’re certain there are probably pigs flying somewhere right now or a unicorn at the front door.
  8. Silence is not golden to you, it is suspicious. Very suspicious.image2
  9. Accepting that most food you eat will likely have been partially chewed first and probably from off the floor. 3 second rule people, come on!
  10. Hiding in the conservatory to sneak just one bite of dessert before the inevitable ‘sharing’ begins where your turn never comes.
  11. Always having baby wipes to hand when cleaning everything in the house but not when you actually need to clean the baby.
  12. You spend more time wiping the floor of restaurants post meal than enjoying the food.
  13. ‘Sleeping’ at night is a battlefield with a baby in the bed. Real bruises, real story.image5
  14. Your highlight of the week is meeting up with your NCT girls and mummy friends where of course you vow to spend some time not talking about the kids and yet spend the entire time talking about your kids (happily!)
  15. You live in your jeggings – stained with baby food of course!
  16. There is a never-ending pile of laundry, not helped by the load you’ve just washed for the third time because you forgot to dry it – eek!
  17. Being unable to defy the gravitational force field that surrounds the baby aisle in ANY shop – especially Zara.
  18. You consider it a luxury to have two hands to do any task – cue velcro baby, oh hi arthritic hip, see you soon.
  19. Going to the bathroom is not a solitary occasion. There is always an audience and often applause.
  20. There is a tiny place in hell for those stray pieces of lego which sit and wait for you to stand on them. Ouch doesn’t cover it! image6
  21. You used to have love heart eyes when your husband took you out for a nice meal, now it’s when he does the washing up, or changes the dirty nappy.
  22. The guilt. The mummy guilt, about everything. It plagues you, even and almost always when it really shouldn’t.
  23. Your kisses of course have magical, healing properties which never fail to bring a smile to your face when sought.
  24. The indescribable delight you feel when your toddler looks at you and says, mama, amma, mummy – desperately seeking reassurance, love, approval, a smile, a nod, a kiss or a giggle.And it is all immediately worth it. (well, most of the time :p)


Love you Sophia x mama


Professor Oscar 

Happy 2nd birthday buddy! On the first of July you turned 2! 

Would I leave you out of our home baked birthday cake tradition? Never.

 2 whole years of your mischief and cheek and I’ve loved every minute. In just 2 years, you’ve taught me things some people take moons to work out – here are my favourites! Thanks bud x

1. Forgive and forget 

2. Embrace your loved ones at the door 

3. Naps are good for the soul so lie in whenever you can 

4. Be loyal and faithful 

5. Wag more, bark less, bite never 

6. Eat what you’re given 

7. Perseverance is key – they’ll give up the chicken eventually

8. Live in the moment 

9. Enjoy the journey – it doesn’t always matter where you’re going 

10. End each day with a nuzzle, snuggle and kiss



P.s The cake was lapped up in no time and worked as a perfect treat for a good week. The recipe (from all is below for all curious dog lovers – very easy to make for even a novice baker so give it a go – tail wagging bowl licking good (and yes that was just me) 
Nutty for Peanut cake 


1/4 cup of peanut butter

1/4 cup of cooking oil 

1 egg 

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 

1/3 cup of honey 

1 cup of grated carrots 

1 cup of white flour 

1 teaspoon baking powder 


1. Combine the egg, peanut butter,vanilla extract,  cooking oil and honey and beat well 

2. Mix in the grated carrots 

3. Finally fold in the white flour and baking powder and spoon the batter into your prepared tin

4. Pop it into the preheated oven (180 degrees fan) for around 40 mins

5. Allow the cake to cool. Once cool, spread some more peanut butter (yes more!) to cover the top and serve a piece to your gorgeous pup! 

6. Sit back and smile – because they’re obviously licking the bowl clean! 


Crazy dog lady 

Hello July! 


How ironic that you used to be little more than a filler month in the year and yet you’re quite the opposite now! Value has indeed been added over the last 2 years – we tied the knot on your fourth day, and again on your tenth and last year we celebrated Oscar’s first birthday while I eagerly awaited the start of my mat leave! 

But this year? Well this year is something else entirely and for that I have a different request. 

This year, I would like it very much if you wouldn’t say goodbye at all – can we dance together a little while longer July? Whatever sweet melody you like, your choice, pretty please?

Oh, how things change in a year. 

You see, this marks the last month of my maternity leave (cue gallon tub of haagendaaz and one spoon with my name on it please?). My last days of morning snuggles with Sophia, any time of day walks with Oscar, random catch ups with friends, baby group play dates and crochet time amongst many other tid bits I’ve grown accustomed to are numbered. Soon I will have to adjust to a new normal – familiar ground mind, only I’ll be wearing different shoes – mummy shoes. Working mummy shoes – I can do that, right? 

As I ponder that question, and muddle through this month being extra sentimental and terrified all at the same time, you can expect to see more regular posts (with me buried under a mountain of Kleenex) as I cling to what’s left of this wonderful perfect little life changing year! 


Birthday eve.


So it’s less than an hour before my birthday which makes it my birthday eve. A silly term I used in my younger days (ok, that was a white lie, embarrassingly not so long ago). Soon I will turn 29 so as taught by one of my old friends, I’ll spare a few moments to take stock of the year gone by and consider goals for the year ahead.

How eventful you were 28 and what I have learnt from you is far more than whats below, but here’s a few things that stood out.

My sister got married to my wonderful brother in law.
I almost lost my dad (a week before the above, hence qualifies for the most emotional 10 days ever).
I have incredibly supportive family and friends.
I met and worked with the nicest people I have ever come across (Oncology team- you know who you are)
I became an aunty (again) to my gorgeous little niece, Aishy! 
I have made amazing new mummy-friends who have made this year so enjoyable. 

Lastly and most significantly, I was given the greatest gift of all, motherhood and my beautiful Sophia.

Thanks to all of the above, I have changed so much in as little as a year. For the better, I’d like to think.

So I have only one hope and goal for the year to come – to keep on trying to be better…for my parents, my siblings, family and friends, my wonderful husband, my puppy dog and my angel, Sophia x Especially for you Sophia x

Here’s to my first birthday as a mummy and the last year of my twenties!

Schmidty,I hear ya…twenty noiinnnneeee!

Introducing my other baby (with 4 little legs and white fur)…Oscar.

20131201-3 Autumn Love Shoot

Whoever said ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’ never owned a dog.

Maybe I should start by saying, I have ALWAYS wanted a puppy. My childhood bestie, Asha (also now my sister in law) had a few growing up and with Rover, King and then Simba, there wasn’t a single sleepover at the Logan household that wasn’t fun!

I never expected I’d ever actually get one though as my heavily congested eye watering  hayfever suffering you-can-hear-him-sneeze-from-China daddy point blank refused and dog-blocked my every request (from age 9 to 19).

I should have taken art lessons from my little cousin sissy Erica – yes this masterpiece in addition to THE worlds cutest smile worked for her. Lucky little brat!


Me on the other hand? I was told I’d have to wait till I was married. So that’s exactly what I did.

Fast forward to 2 months post wedding, a cheeky pub lunch inclusive of an Eton mess or two, an innocent flick through the Pets4Home app, and me, my husband, brother in law and sister in law were off to meet some newborn Westie pups.

This sort of thing wasn’t that unusual for us – we’d done it before. We often ended up on the Pets4Home app when we got together to ooh and ahh over the cute puppies and revisit the topic that my sister in law should have been a vet (she is actually the Dog Whisperer, an art taught and mastered by the one and only Logi Bear – her dad). So you’ll believe me when I say that none of us honestly expected that this time we would walk in as a 4 and leave as a 6!

Certainly not me accompanied by my responsible and logical husband, right? The McCallister to my Kitty Walker crazy, the grounded, annoyingly pragmatic and sensible one. No, apparently, he was MIA. Instead, I was with someone that resembled a kid in a sweet shop!

Caution was most definitely thrown to the wind. We picked our pups and excitedly took them home  – Oscar and Dexter – our very own Andy boys. Not quite what my father in law had in mind after spending a portion of his wedding speech instructing the four of us to stop buying fur babies and produce a progeny of tiny humans instead! Oops, sorry maama.


Looking back, it was a little rash if I’m honest and sure presented us with a rather steep learning curve…. 10264963_10152041540722027_7746206472156260924_n

Yeah, we were on number 2 until my pregnancy hormones kicked in. We’re now on number 7. Ok, ok, number 10. Eek.


Oops, oh well, completely worth all the trouble – we’ve never looked back! One thing is for sure, life is definitely better with a dog to come home to.

Here’s a few of the reasons why I am crazy in love with Oscar.


1.  Puppy cuddles are something else. They are healing, genuinely. And an absolute argument diffuser. It’s hard to stay mad at the hub or stop crying at the latest Shonda Rhimes induced death when Oscar is nuzzling at me out of concern.

2. According to Oscar, and only Oscar I am Jamie bloody Oliver. He loves all my cooking especially if it involves cheese. I mean he would probably eat anything but we’ll forget that for the moment!


3. It really is very simple with Oscar. Take him for a walk. Feed him. Rub his belly. He’s yours. Feed him chicken? You’ll reach best friend status – just ask my dad. (I can literally see you feeding him mum’s chicken curry on the sly while I write this, dad!)

4. He lets me keep my feet warm under him. Win.


5. I never miss a delivery with my personal doorbell. Especially those awesome 6am ones, yes he doubles as an alarm clock too.

6. He could put Dyson out of business – most efficent hoover of all crumbs!

7. He keeps us fit. In a world of technology with Netflix at your fingertips beckoning you to become that couch potato, its easy to forget the outdoors. But with Oscar barking at my feet, nudging his leash, wagging his tail, it’s a joy to get outside.


8. He will puff his chest out and bark like he means business if he sees another dog, the Amazon delivery guy, a Dementor during Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, the Hoover, the broom, oh especially the broom….But he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Turn my Kenwood mixer on? He’ll be quivering at my feet – my silly little puppy dog.

9. The return home greeting. Every dog owner/lover will attest to this feeling being ‘the one’. We could be gone for 5 mins or 5 hours, it doesn’t matter. Oscar will be waiting by the door, tail wagging ready to leap up and embrace us. It is enough to make you feel like an A- lister.


10. He is my bestie. Yes, I am THAT dog lady. The one I swore I’d never become. Who was I kidding, lets face it, I’m not cool enough to be cool. So I put my hands up, I am guilty as charged for buying him a Fairisle Christmas jumper every year, dressing him up whenever the occasion calls and filling my insta feed with puppy pics, especially of said jumper, and for sharing every little probably unexciting thing he does which is actually super exciting to me. Like this post, sorry.

IMG_1975             IMG_2103     


Oscar at Halloween – G’woof’indorable!   IMG_3815

11. He puts up with me. See above Christmas jumper point. Also he dances with me to Taylor Swift (yes, ok I mean he doesn’t resist), he doesn’t only ever want to watch QI or Top Gear and he lets me hug him even when he’s not that into it because he knows I need it.


12. Cheapest psychiatrist and cure for a blue day. He listens, he snuggles, he shares the ice-cream without a raised eyebrow, he loves. Unless someone’s cooking chicken in the kitchen, then he’s outta there.


Don’t get me wrong, there are of course days when he drives me mad – accidentally waking Sophia up after I’ve taken forever to put her down, barking at literally nothing, being accident prone (damn you grass seeds to hell) or having an indoor wee wee accident (very rare, thankfully).

Despite all of this, what he brings to our lives is so much more than words can describe or quantify. I’ve learnt more about being human from him than actual humans. The compassion, kindness and understanding is unparalleled. And his thirst for life is contagious.


Simply put, he is all kinds of awesome. He has won over my mum for gods sake, has my dad wrapped around his finger and even managed a cheeky nap or two with my sister. Legend. So it’s safe to say he is a part of our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking forward especially to seeing Sophia grow up with him.

IMG_1492 IMG_1679 IMG_3914

Love you Oscar even if you love the hubster more than me – you are currently staring at me like I’m an idiot. Oh, you know me so well. And you love me anyway.


Part 2 of 2: Labour – ‘verb’ 1. work hard; make great effort. ‘noun’ 1. The Storm

By this point in my pregnancy, I’m pretty sure that even Craig Revell Horwood would have awarded Sophia a ‘10’ for her daily Argentine Tango on my bladder. So when I woke up around 5 on THE morning, I didn’t think anything of it at first. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and noticed that ‘that’ pain was a little worse. Ok a lot worse. Is this it? How many times had I asked myself that goddamn question! The pain soon caught a rhythm and I had my answer.

Now, my husband is quite a light sleeper but for some reason, that morning, he was dead to the world. I guess all those countless nights of lost sleep looking after me had finally caught up with him. Poor guy, little did he know, he was about to wave goodbye to a decent sleep for ooo I don’t know…18 years.

He finally woke up (contraction app attached to his hip of course) when my initial soft call for help turned into a roar! I think Oscar worked it all out before us both as he followed me every pace I took. He didn’t leave my side till we dropped him off at my parents, my sweet little puppyboy.


I must have slept through the ‘easy’ bit (I use that word loosely of course) – you know that elusive bit they speak of at antenatal class where you can supposedly stay at home and run a hot bath, and sing and slow dance and watch a movie or so they say! Yeah, there was none of that. It didn’t happen and there was no build up. Sophia, the protagonist of this play had announced her final scene, cue dramatic music from the orchestra. My contractions were here to stay and coming fast! That blasted app was right – it was time to go to the hospital.


From this point on, it was all a bit of a blur to be honest. I still come across new bits of the day as I think back even now. So here are a few bits that I have remembered (or rather not forgotten on purpose).

  1. Pacing up and down our bedroom corridor (with Oscar) to distract me from the pain
  2. Frantically putting on the TENS machine – bloody hell was it cold! (my best friend Mya warned me about this but it still made me shriek)
  3. Ripping off said TENS machine – don’t get me wrong, it did help, but how annoying are those wires!
  4. Trying to watch Downton Abbey whilst contracting in hope that Lord Grantham would distract me – no chance!
  5. The nausea – no one warned me about nausea in labour! Poor design, God. Not appreciated.
  6. My stupidity in refusing ALL pain relief – I’m surprised my husband didn’t have a scar across his forehead after I accidentally on purpose threw the Gas and Air at him!
  7. Realising the pure genius of warm water as an analgesic
  8. The embarrassing discovery that I was in fact a ‘screamer’ – the very type of woman I used to mentally tut in labours I attended- ‘conserve your energy woman’ I’d think in silent.’ Yeah I could have punched myself for every ‘screamer’ I had wronged at that moment.
  9. Feeling like a sumo wrestler had taken a time out on my back with each contraction
  10. Constantly apologising (so apparently I’m not just like this when slightly inebriated, also when in labour (cousins that read this, speak nothing of Florence #unacceptablebehaviour)
  11. Being frustrated at hearing the soft and wispy voiced midwife telling me I was amazing (poor girl, she was only doing her job!) The thing is,  I needed a Bailey, you hear me Shonda Rhimes? I needed a Bailey or a Yang to go full on boot camp Nazi on me and this midwife, she was more April Kepner.
  12. My husband trying to feed me chocolate fingers – he was not my favourite person, see point 5 above.
  13. Being shocked at how my usual modest self really did not give a damn at who saw what and when. Well, that was a useful £12 spent on maternity swimwear for the waterbirth I planned then.
  14. The irony of not wanting an instrumental delivery or tear and ending up with both and wanting delayed cord clamping and skin to skin time and getting neither. Screw. You. Birth. Plan. Ye of false hope. 
  15. Deciding I was going to bring back the ‘one child family’ immediately after delivery…only to take it back just 30 minutes later.

It did all happen pretty quickly and in truth, it wasn’t actually too bad. I was fully dilated within 4 hours and despite a good hour and a half effort pushing with an actual bloody eye to show for it, baby girl Saravanan needed a hand. So I was moved from a low to high risk room (eek!) and a Ventouse suction cup, episiotomy and unfortunate third degree tear later, our beautiful little girl was born.


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that I couldn’t deliver naturally after doing 99.99999% of the work but hey ho, once your baby arrives, it really doesn’t matter how they entered the world. It has taken me time to get over it but I can see now that what matters is that they are there, safe, in your arms, and changing your world completely.

Ours changed on 2nd October 2014 at 19.05pm. All the blood, sweat, tears and months of planning, well, it was totally worth it.


A brilliant mop of hair, longest ever eyelashes and bright eyed stare. Seeing her at that moment, watching her turn her head to take it all in – to take us in – that was incredible. I expected I’d cry, but we were so overwhelmed that we laughed.

We were now parents of our own little family.

And yes, we survived the most beautiful little storm.


Part 1 of 2: Pre-Labour – ‘noun’ 1. the calm before the storm

It was 6 months ago but I can remember it like it was yesterday. I suspect I’ll be saying the same even when Sophia is 16…probably with exaggerated truths as a bargaining tool to get her to make her bed (if she’s anything like her daddy!)

Being a doctor and training to be a GP, I’ve done my obstetrics rotations. So yes, I’ve delivered a few babies, shed a few tears, had lots of postnatal ward cuddles and been in more than a few labours (at the other end as it were).


Cuddles on the job 

Having worked in the best birthing unit ever (Broomfield!), I decided I couldn’t have my baby anywhere else. And yes, I had thought of how awkward it might be if I ran into a former colleague during labour but in truth, you forget about all of that when you want the best for your baby.  So after attending NCT and NHS antenatal classes, packing, unpacking and repacking my hospital bag several times, I patiently waited. And waited. And waited some more. My due date came, went and bought the t-shirt with Miss-No-Show-I’m-Too-Cosy not budging so you’ll forgive me for being a little fed up at this stage!


You don’t realise you have an expectation until it’s not met and apparently my ‘sure thing’ feeling of delivering at 38 weeks (that’s when me and my sis were born) was but wishful thinking. Being fashionably late is kind of a family signature on my part, so surprising as it is, the only time I’ve ever been early for anything was when I was born. My super punctual husband on the other hand, the cheese to my chalk, has only ever been late for one thing – his birth, so apparently, this little miss was already a daddy’s girl!

I tried almost everything – hot curries, pineapples, long walks, clary sage and birth ball bouncing. Oscar wasn’t too keen on the latter (neither were my neighbours probably) as it led to a guaranteed 20 minute barking battle – Oscar v Birth ball 1-0…hmm Baby v Me 1-0 more like! Ah to hell with it I thought, she’ll come when she’s ready. And she did.

So several false starts, 2 sweeps and is it/isn’t its later, we finally had some movement…I think? You see, I couldn’t bloody tell if ‘that’ pain was Braxton Hicks, real contractions or wind! Glamorous, I know. So when the time actually came, I dismissed it and carried on.

Little did I know that it was the real deal and things were underway unbeknownst to us. So we took Oscar for a long walk, I baked a cake, we watched the semi final of the British Bake off, I crocheted a little and we went to bed.


Our last walk as a three!

Hub was keenly recording the odd pains I had throughout the day on that blasted ‘Count the contraction’ app! And with short lasting pains and irregular intervals recorded, we decided it probably wasn’t much to get excited about. Ah never mind, induction it is I guess. Right?

Wrong. Sophia had other plans…

Motherhood – the good, the bad and the awesome!

So now you’re on the other side. Your little cherub has arrived and it’s overwhelming to say the least. You’re back from the hospital, enjoying those cuddles and luscious newborn smell, when out of nowhere as you look down at those big eyes, it hits you. You are acutely aware that you know NOTHING and you, you alone are wholly responsible for this perfect eeny meeny tiny human. *sharp intake of breath*


And breathe. It’ll be ok.

You’ll get the hang of it. I promise. You’ll even get used to your little one spicing things up just as you get comfortable and in a routine. You know, just to keep you on your toes and make the sleep deprivation entertaining. So you won’t be surprised when I tell you I’m still learning, every day! And although I remember that moment of simultaneous joy and terror clear as day, I look back on it fondly. I did after all survive it. And so will you.

Here are a few things to look forward to that I’ve come across so far in motherhood.

The good

  1. Baby giggles cure everything. Fact.
  2. You’ll find yourself mimicking someone high on LSD come slapstick comedian to hear those giggles one more time.
  3. There was a time I didn’t understand the need for Parent parking bays. But oh ,do I now? Godsend. They mean not having to resemble a contortionist while strapping your baby into the car seat!
  4. Mummy muscles are real. After all, you’ve spent ages perfecting your title as Queen of multitasking and your right arm has had a workout continuously as a result. Carrying your growing baby in one arm while using the other to do EVERYTHING else – care to arm wrestle? I dare you.
  5. People probably wouldn’t pay to see you perform at the Comedy Club, but to your baby, well you might as well be Michael McIntyre! Best. Audience. EVER. photo-7
  6. They don’t know when you’re having a bad day, or doing it all wrong but they love you anyway.

The bad

  1. Kiss goodbye to hot meals and long showers. Your baby will know instantly when you try to have one or both of these and cry before your fork hits the plate or you pick up your loofah! It’s a conspiracy, I swear.
  2. Your super happy smiley baby will play up when your friends come over, the in laws are around or you’re watching Suits and someone’s about to get Litt up! Thank god for Sky Plus. Pause, rewind, play. Wait, rewind again.
  3. Bath time for baby is a sting operation that involves a ridiculous amount of planning – (also one of the most fun). Bath time for you will be…I’m sorry bath? Don’t be ridiculous – see point
  4. Getting out of the house can sometimes be a mission Ethan Hunt couldn’t complete. Especially as your baby will undoubtedly need a feed or change just as you turn the key to lock up and put the alarm on.
  5. Shopping WAS my cardio! Remember those days when you could do a quick run around, take ages in a changing room, go up and down the escalators without a care in the world? No? Me either. Now, with a pram, changing bag, bundled up babe, the pace is slower! So it’s all about being efficient. Take the time to plan a route around the shopping centre including Parent Room feed/change breaks to avoid hours of going up and down lifts!
  6. Your iPod playlist will be taken over by nursery rhymes – yes Wheels on a bus is my new jam!
  7. Your living room will look like a bad Hamleys display no matter how many which ways you arrange it. Little people sure do come with a lot of stuff!

The Awesome

  1. Snuggles. My favourite time. They morph into koalas and I mean who doesn’t love koalas!?photo-4
  2. Get ready to be the most organised version of yourself. This starts even before the baby comes really thanks to nesting and good thing too. After they arrive, you can no longer wish time away. Productivity and efficiency is key – I haven’t mastered it yet and maybe I never will but Sophia has definitely kicked me into a better shape.
  3. Look forward to being the most positive you’ve ever been. They pick up on everything! Before Sophia, if things didn’t necessarily go as planned, I would wallow in my own self-pity. Now however, I find myself picking up, dusting off, being more positive and finding the silver lining in most clouds. And it feels good.
  4. Finally, despite being vomited on, pooed and weed on, woken up at some ungodly hour because its playtime according to Sophia, and not having had a break in 5 months, motherhood is still the most rewarding thing  I’ve ever done. 

photo 1

For after all, your eeny meeny tiny human is rather perfect and utterly worth it.

So mums to be and new mums like me…Breathe. It’ll be ok.

We got this x (plus baby giggles cure everything!)

Mother Nature is meaner than Regina George.


Pregnancy plays a few cruel jokes on us that are conveniently or perhaps kindly not mentioned to a mum-to-be by those much wiser. Bright eyed and bushy tailed a first time mama I was -and though by and large I had a pretty easy ride compared to some of my friends – being on the other side of fence now, I’m here to let you in on a few home truths.

I think its safe to say that most women will find themselves nodding in agreement to some if not of all of the following:

  1. The tiredness, oh the tiredness! For once, you actually WANT to clean your house and get things ready, and yet your lack of energy makes getting off the sofa without help a feat in itself. Fail.
  2. So much to remember; antenatal appointments, daily Pregnacare , vaccinations, what NOT to eat, packing a hospital bag, and of course the antenatal book!! Where has my photographic memory gone? I used to scoff at the notion of ‘Baby brain’ but it’s the real deal people!
  3. Butter fingers and blurry eyes. So I thought I was losing my mind when I kept dropping my keys and almost tripping over nothing but nope, my new found clumsiness and overdue trip to Specsavers was thanks to my little bun! Super! Not like I have an incredibly precious bump to be mindful of or anything!
  4. And then there’s the war between bladder and baby. Yes, baby wins. Everytime. And to make it worse, your capacity to hold anything more than a drop of water decreases whilst your thirst increases. Exponentially. Can I have some water please?
  5. You can sleep all you want. Except that you can’t, hello insomnia, how are you doing? I can’t find a comfortable position because everything aches and my puppy has stolen my pregnancy pillow. Great.

Exhibit A – Westie pillow thief.

I’m sure there’s plenty more my baby brain has either kindly blocked out or stupidly forgotten. Either way, back up is needed to combat the above!

Arm yourself with the following:

  1. Family. I cannot stress this enough. They kept me sane when I was going insane, happy when I was down and rode the rollercoaster with me in the front seat. Without a seatbelt. Thanks for reminding me to take my vitamins, NOT to eat the Camembert and to drink water, constantly.
  2. Friends – new and old. When your mum says “in my day…(insert annoying but probably 100% right statement to do with pregnancy/nursery/work/anything at all)” and it literally drives you mad, you can always rely on your friends. Thanks for putting up with me and my nesting lists! You know who you are!
  3. Your bad ass self – you can do this. Believe it, even at your lowest point. As the best midwives in the world (who obviously work at Broomfield Hospital) would say, “your body is designed to do this”. It is a different pace of course, but you can do this, slowly. And buy a notepad, it helps!

N.B. Bad news for friends and family – the above applies for post baby too!

Bernard, can I borrow your watch?


I used to love that show. Enjoyed many a time after school with some rich tea biscuits or a Calippo wishing I could stop time like Bernard did. But never have I wanted that watch so badly than I have done since becoming a mum! I used to wish for it the night before an exam, but that was just childsplay. This is serious now Bernard, hand me the watch or find me Harmony’s special 50p coin so I can rub the Queen’s nose and wish for more hours in the day!

With Sophia’s wake time increasing and Oscar’s patience decreasing, I am finding I have less and less time in the day to get anything done! This usually means laundry taking the whole week to complete, spontaneous cleaning of random corners of the house at any opportunity, and the to do list getting longer, sadly. This sadness is made worse by the certainty that the corner cleaned moments ago is probably messy again now I’m at the end of this sentence, thanks Osc. I’d think you were a devil dog if you weren’t so damn cute!

I used to wake up and make a mental list of the things I wanted to do in the day. Okay so I wouldn’t always get through all of it but I’d have a decent go. Now however, in SS time (Since Sophia), I’ve learnt not to even bother with a list or in the very least to make a realistic one! It’s still considered a list with just one item on it right? I exaggerate a little.

What I mean to say is, I’ve learnt the importance of managing expectations of myself so as not to be continually disappointed!

Motherhood comes with so many challenges, and learning not to create a bigger hurdle for myself to jump over has been my biggest one yet. It dawned on me when my husband causally said one evening ‘You do make things harder for yourself you know!’ in response to a meltdown of some kind. Although it did almost cause an eruption of volcanic proportion, after calming down, I soon saw that he was right. I was putting so much pressure on myself unnecessarily and it was on these days particularly that I didn’t enjoy it, I was overwhelmed!

So what now? Now, I try to celebrate the little victories at every opportunity (cue mental Carlton dance). And I do mean little.

I am winning when I manage to keep Sophia entertained in her cot long enough to squeeze in a morning shower. When I successfully do both Sophia and Oscars morning routine AND get breakfast for myself: Win. When I pilot a walk with both of them alone: Win. When I crochet more than one row in one sitting: Win. When I eat my dinner and it’s still hot: super WIN. You get the idea!

I felt silly at first but it works! It reminds me to not be so hard on myself and I can honestly say I am enjoying being a mum so much more because of it. Sophia is happier and more relaxed too. And so is Oscar for that matter! I read a blogpost some time ago on a similar theme and this stuck with me ‘Learn to accept that unfinished is ok, unfinished is enough’.

That post was right, it IS enough. Don’t dwell on the things you haven’t done on your list. Dwell on the things or half a thing that you have done. However big or small, it is a hard earned victory. And the sooner you realise it, you’ve won already.

So Bernard, it looks like I don’t need your watch after all, I’m doing just fine without.  Carlton agrees.