About Me

Oscar and Me - photo by the very amazing Anushe Low @ www.anushe.com

Oscar and me – photo by the very amazing Anushe Low @ http://www.anushe.com

My name is Lavinia. I am 28 years old, newly married and new to parenthood!

So here I am,  actually starting a blog.  A blog my husband has encouraged me to do for a while. Truth is, I didn’t know where to begin before. And if i’m honest, I still don’t but I realised not too long ago that it doesn’t really matter.

I hope to use this space to write about a few of my favourite things; my obsession for all things vintage, my crafting projects and my family, namely my daughter and my dog (and yes that is because they have no voice to object, as yet!).

I have an older sister who I adore; the Tia to my Tamera. A mother who I admire, her selflessness knows no bounds. A father who is and always will be my hero, my very own George Banks (yes, Father of the Bride is one of my favourite movies). A husband who I count as my biggest blessing and driving force. A dog Oscar, my best friend… and our latest addition, a beautiful little girl, Sophia Ishana, my inspiration.

I’m seeing everything around me for the first time again through two tiny but very wide eyes and I’m looking forward to sharing her firsts here for my friends and family, both near and far to enjoy.

So the diary of life with Sophia and Oscar begins. Here and now.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Lavinia,

    Stumbled upon your blog from your wedding featured on Rock My Wedding UK blog.
    So wonderful to see the “happily ever after” of such a gorgeous couple.

    I tried to click on your wedding site from the RMW blog post but its no longer up.

    Wondering if you’d be willing to share what Catholic church your ceremony took place and if there was a specific hotel your guests stayed at in the area. Would be so incredibly grateful – fell in love with the pictures of the church.


    • annalavinia18 says:

      Hello! Aww thank you so much, so sweet of you! The church was Chiesa di San Lorenzo based in La Certosa del Galluzo in Florence – it’s even more beautiful in person! Our guests all stayed in Hotel Cerretani which is super close to the city centre, you can see the famous Duomo as soon as you step outside. The hotel was around 30 minutes from the church. Another hotel we had a pre wedding meal at was Hotel Fiesole which had the most stunning views and might even be a little closer to the church! I hope that helps! Are you thinking of a wedding abroad too? More than happy to help if you need anything else ☺️ good luck and congratulations! X Lavinia


  2. Nancy says:

    Thanks so much Lavinia!!!! I will totally reach out – abroad from the US! I will find sanity in any first hand advice I can get!


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