Birthday eve.


So it’s less than an hour before my birthday which makes it my birthday eve. A silly term I used in my younger days (ok, that was a white lie, embarrassingly not so long ago). Soon I will turn 29 so as taught by one of my old friends, I’ll spare a few moments to take stock of the year gone by and consider goals for the year ahead.

How eventful you were 28 and what I have learnt from you is far more than whats below, but here’s a few things that stood out.

My sister got married to my wonderful brother in law.
I almost lost my dad (a week before the above, hence qualifies for the most emotional 10 days ever).
I have incredibly supportive family and friends.
I met and worked with the nicest people I have ever come across (Oncology team- you know who you are)
I became an aunty (again) to my gorgeous little niece, Aishy! 
I have made amazing new mummy-friends who have made this year so enjoyable. 

Lastly and most significantly, I was given the greatest gift of all, motherhood and my beautiful Sophia.

Thanks to all of the above, I have changed so much in as little as a year. For the better, I’d like to think.

So I have only one hope and goal for the year to come – to keep on trying to be better…for my parents, my siblings, family and friends, my wonderful husband, my puppy dog and my angel, Sophia x Especially for you Sophia x

Here’s to my first birthday as a mummy and the last year of my twenties!

Schmidty,I hear ya…twenty noiinnnneeee!

Crafty mama.


Although it seems a distant memory, there was a ‘me’ before Sophia and Oscar. And she loved to do anything that involved a trip to Hobbycraft. That hasn’t really changed to be honest, if anything, I love it more now. How could I not? More time to pursue crafts (sort of) and more reasons for creating (my little girl).

I had a longer than expected period of maternity leave twiddling my thumbs with bump rather than baby as she was late and I was super organised (for once). So there I was, lounging in blissful ignorance, filled with earnest questions and anticipation of the unknown and a tiny little bit of…dare I say it…boredom!

If only I knew I’d be begging for a day of the ‘boring’ now! I remember asking my best friend Mya (seasoned expert yummy mummy and my go-to for everything baby related) what I was supposed to do with all this time! ‘Lavinia,’ she said ‘you’ll never have this time again! Next time you’re pregnant, you’ll have a toddler to look after so three words. Netflix, Ice-cream, sofa.’

I did listen, sort of but I couldn’t deny that stupidly I was a little bored – there’s that word again! So I took full opportunity to craft away the ‘b’ word. Total bonus that it kept me from rearranging the nursery for the umpteenth time and risking my husbands sanity.

First up, knitting. IMG_6909

I’ve tried it so many times before and never stuck with it. This time I at least managed some booties…(an example of the motivation this baby gave and still gives me!) but I arrived at the same conclusion as always – too hard and too long. Of course thanks to  the ironically reliable baby brain making me lose count and drop stitches far too often – nightmare!

IMG_6941 IMG_7099 IMG_7217

So then I tried Crochet.

Ok ok, I had no clue what it was either. I kept seeing it crop up on my knitting pattern google search so a few quick Youtube sessions and I was sold. This, my friends, is pretty awesome. It’s quick and easy to pick up, weirdly therapeutic and you get impressive results. If like me, you like to create, you will love it. I haven’t put my hooks down since!

You don’t have to worry about two knitting needles as you work with one crochet hook, and you complete each stitch as you go unlike knitting where you keep rows of stitches ‘open’. What the hell does that mean? Well, a dropped stitch (which happens often with me and my knitting) can mean tears, heartbreak and anger as you watch your entire days work unravel before you because you were too busy laughing at Sheldon Coopers latest quirk. Knock knock knock…on my goddamn distractible head. That thankfully is unlikely to happen with crochet so breathe, relax, pick up a hook and enjoy your Big Bang Theory marathon!

I really wanted to make Sophia a baby blanket and that’s how I found ‘Bella Coco’ on youtube and Instagram. Her videos are so easy to follow and she is one of the few who takes you through the British terminology (the Americans have their own version with the same terms but different meanings)

So I ordered some hooks (from Amazon for just £5 – link below)

and some yarn (from – I mostly use Stylecraft Special DK)

and pressed play on Bella Coco’s youtube channel (+ accompanying Netflix show) and the rest is history.


I’m pretty sure my husband started saying ‘yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over’ in his sleep after the amount of times I pressed repeat but it was worth it. Once I got the hang of it, all five rounds, the last impatient week waiting for my girl to arrive whizzed by. And now she’ll have something her very excited mummy made her to keep (and hand down I hope).


A baby blanket for each of my kids if and when the time comes? Yes, I definitely think so. Try it yourself, you won’t regret it!

My dear Sophia,  I loved you even before I knew you. This blanket is so special to me because I will always remember how very excited and nervous I was to meet you. How I wanted to keep you warm under something I had made and how I picked bright and beautiful colours as I knew you would colour my life that way. I love you, always x amma

My dear Sophia,
I loved you even before I knew you. This blanket is so very special to me because it reminds me of our last few days just you and me and how very excited and nervous I was to meet you. How I wanted to keep you warm under something I had made and how I picked bright and beautiful colours as I knew you would colour my life that way x May it comfort you the way you do me x I love you, always x amma

Introducing my other baby (with 4 little legs and white fur)…Oscar.

20131201-3 Autumn Love Shoot

Whoever said ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’ never owned a dog.

Maybe I should start by saying, I have ALWAYS wanted a puppy. My childhood bestie, Asha (also now my sister in law) had a few growing up and with Rover, King and then Simba, there wasn’t a single sleepover at the Logan household that wasn’t fun!

I never expected I’d ever actually get one though as my heavily congested eye watering  hayfever suffering you-can-hear-him-sneeze-from-China daddy point blank refused and dog-blocked my every request (from age 9 to 19).

I should have taken art lessons from my little cousin sissy Erica – yes this masterpiece in addition to THE worlds cutest smile worked for her. Lucky little brat!


Me on the other hand? I was told I’d have to wait till I was married. So that’s exactly what I did.

Fast forward to 2 months post wedding, a cheeky pub lunch inclusive of an Eton mess or two, an innocent flick through the Pets4Home app, and me, my husband, brother in law and sister in law were off to meet some newborn Westie pups.

This sort of thing wasn’t that unusual for us – we’d done it before. We often ended up on the Pets4Home app when we got together to ooh and ahh over the cute puppies and revisit the topic that my sister in law should have been a vet (she is actually the Dog Whisperer, an art taught and mastered by the one and only Logi Bear – her dad). So you’ll believe me when I say that none of us honestly expected that this time we would walk in as a 4 and leave as a 6!

Certainly not me accompanied by my responsible and logical husband, right? The McCallister to my Kitty Walker crazy, the grounded, annoyingly pragmatic and sensible one. No, apparently, he was MIA. Instead, I was with someone that resembled a kid in a sweet shop!

Caution was most definitely thrown to the wind. We picked our pups and excitedly took them home  – Oscar and Dexter – our very own Andy boys. Not quite what my father in law had in mind after spending a portion of his wedding speech instructing the four of us to stop buying fur babies and produce a progeny of tiny humans instead! Oops, sorry maama.


Looking back, it was a little rash if I’m honest and sure presented us with a rather steep learning curve…. 10264963_10152041540722027_7746206472156260924_n

Yeah, we were on number 2 until my pregnancy hormones kicked in. We’re now on number 7. Ok, ok, number 10. Eek.


Oops, oh well, completely worth all the trouble – we’ve never looked back! One thing is for sure, life is definitely better with a dog to come home to.

Here’s a few of the reasons why I am crazy in love with Oscar.


1.  Puppy cuddles are something else. They are healing, genuinely. And an absolute argument diffuser. It’s hard to stay mad at the hub or stop crying at the latest Shonda Rhimes induced death when Oscar is nuzzling at me out of concern.

2. According to Oscar, and only Oscar I am Jamie bloody Oliver. He loves all my cooking especially if it involves cheese. I mean he would probably eat anything but we’ll forget that for the moment!


3. It really is very simple with Oscar. Take him for a walk. Feed him. Rub his belly. He’s yours. Feed him chicken? You’ll reach best friend status – just ask my dad. (I can literally see you feeding him mum’s chicken curry on the sly while I write this, dad!)

4. He lets me keep my feet warm under him. Win.


5. I never miss a delivery with my personal doorbell. Especially those awesome 6am ones, yes he doubles as an alarm clock too.

6. He could put Dyson out of business – most efficent hoover of all crumbs!

7. He keeps us fit. In a world of technology with Netflix at your fingertips beckoning you to become that couch potato, its easy to forget the outdoors. But with Oscar barking at my feet, nudging his leash, wagging his tail, it’s a joy to get outside.


8. He will puff his chest out and bark like he means business if he sees another dog, the Amazon delivery guy, a Dementor during Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, the Hoover, the broom, oh especially the broom….But he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Turn my Kenwood mixer on? He’ll be quivering at my feet – my silly little puppy dog.

9. The return home greeting. Every dog owner/lover will attest to this feeling being ‘the one’. We could be gone for 5 mins or 5 hours, it doesn’t matter. Oscar will be waiting by the door, tail wagging ready to leap up and embrace us. It is enough to make you feel like an A- lister.


10. He is my bestie. Yes, I am THAT dog lady. The one I swore I’d never become. Who was I kidding, lets face it, I’m not cool enough to be cool. So I put my hands up, I am guilty as charged for buying him a Fairisle Christmas jumper every year, dressing him up whenever the occasion calls and filling my insta feed with puppy pics, especially of said jumper, and for sharing every little probably unexciting thing he does which is actually super exciting to me. Like this post, sorry.

IMG_1975             IMG_2103     


Oscar at Halloween – G’woof’indorable!   IMG_3815

11. He puts up with me. See above Christmas jumper point. Also he dances with me to Taylor Swift (yes, ok I mean he doesn’t resist), he doesn’t only ever want to watch QI or Top Gear and he lets me hug him even when he’s not that into it because he knows I need it.


12. Cheapest psychiatrist and cure for a blue day. He listens, he snuggles, he shares the ice-cream without a raised eyebrow, he loves. Unless someone’s cooking chicken in the kitchen, then he’s outta there.


Don’t get me wrong, there are of course days when he drives me mad – accidentally waking Sophia up after I’ve taken forever to put her down, barking at literally nothing, being accident prone (damn you grass seeds to hell) or having an indoor wee wee accident (very rare, thankfully).

Despite all of this, what he brings to our lives is so much more than words can describe or quantify. I’ve learnt more about being human from him than actual humans. The compassion, kindness and understanding is unparalleled. And his thirst for life is contagious.


Simply put, he is all kinds of awesome. He has won over my mum for gods sake, has my dad wrapped around his finger and even managed a cheeky nap or two with my sister. Legend. So it’s safe to say he is a part of our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking forward especially to seeing Sophia grow up with him.

IMG_1492 IMG_1679 IMG_3914

Love you Oscar even if you love the hubster more than me – you are currently staring at me like I’m an idiot. Oh, you know me so well. And you love me anyway.