Birthday eve.


So it’s less than an hour before my birthday which makes it my birthday eve. A silly term I used in my younger days (ok, that was a white lie, embarrassingly not so long ago). Soon I will turn 29 so as taught by one of my old friends, I’ll spare a few moments to take stock of the year gone by and consider goals for the year ahead.

How eventful you were 28 and what I have learnt from you is far more than whats below, but here’s a few things that stood out.

My sister got married to my wonderful brother in law.
I almost lost my dad (a week before the above, hence qualifies for the most emotional 10 days ever).
I have incredibly supportive family and friends.
I met and worked with the nicest people I have ever come across (Oncology team- you know who you are)
I became an aunty (again) to my gorgeous little niece, Aishy! 
I have made amazing new mummy-friends who have made this year so enjoyable. 

Lastly and most significantly, I was given the greatest gift of all, motherhood and my beautiful Sophia.

Thanks to all of the above, I have changed so much in as little as a year. For the better, I’d like to think.

So I have only one hope and goal for the year to come – to keep on trying to be better…for my parents, my siblings, family and friends, my wonderful husband, my puppy dog and my angel, Sophia x Especially for you Sophia x

Here’s to my first birthday as a mummy and the last year of my twenties!

Schmidty,I hear ya…twenty noiinnnneeee!

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