Wedding rewind!

This time 2 years ago, me and my then new husband breathed a huge sigh of relief as we wrapped up 2 weeks of wedding celebrations with 3 events (not recommended)! Hub and I had been together for 9 years at the time of wedding planning so all we did know is a big party was a must. Him being Hindu and me being Catholic, we soon found having an interfaith affair became quite the task – one we couldn’t have done without our families.

We arranged to have a Catholic wedding in Tuscany with close family and friends and a big Hindu wedding and reception back in the UK. Looking back, it was manic but good manic – I think or at least that what I tell myself and our bank balance anyway!

Being super into DIY details, this sort of overtook each part of the wedding – I had my in laws, my parents, fiancé, my sister and sister in law in a little jam making conveyor belt at one point! Apart from having just worked night shift 5 of 5 and almost falling asleep mid stir, it was lots of fun!

It’s almost hard to believe we have only celebrated our second year anniversary as so much has happened in this time. Nostalgia hit us hard as it’s difficult to remember a time without Sophia and Oscar.

Thankfully, we can always rely on our wedding photos to transport us back to those special couple of weeks. So one tip for any newly engaged couple – research your photographer, choose wisely and spend a little more – after all, once the day is over, what you’re left with are the memories you hold in your heart and those incredible moments that stand still in a photo for a lifetime. (Thank you Anushé Low Photography [] and X-Quisite Photography! [])

So here it is, wedding spam alert – you’ve been warned! I’m going to share a few (ok, more than a few) of my favourite photos and use this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone that shared these couple of weeks with us. You know who you are and we love you so much!

Which leaves me with just one thing to say and he knows it’s coming, dearest husband of mine, where is that wedding album I was promised!? Stiillllll waiting!

Our Catholic Wedding




 20130704-341 Castello Vincigliata Wedding






Our Hindu Wedding 









Our wedding reception








4 thoughts on “Wedding rewind!

    • annalavinia18 says:

      Hi Sharmila!
      Thanks for reading, so kind of you to say! I bought all my sarees for the wedding from India – the first light pink manavarai saree from a shop called Pothys in Chennai and the second berry colour koorai saree from a shop called Varsidhi’s – hope that helps! Love L x


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