Hello July! 


How ironic that you used to be little more than a filler month in the year and yet you’re quite the opposite now! Value has indeed been added over the last 2 years – we tied the knot on your fourth day, and again on your tenth and last year we celebrated Oscar’s first birthday while I eagerly awaited the start of my mat leave! 

But this year? Well this year is something else entirely and for that I have a different request. 

This year, I would like it very much if you wouldn’t say goodbye at all – can we dance together a little while longer July? Whatever sweet melody you like, your choice, pretty please?

Oh, how things change in a year. 

You see, this marks the last month of my maternity leave (cue gallon tub of haagendaaz and one spoon with my name on it please?). My last days of morning snuggles with Sophia, any time of day walks with Oscar, random catch ups with friends, baby group play dates and crochet time amongst many other tid bits I’ve grown accustomed to are numbered. Soon I will have to adjust to a new normal – familiar ground mind, only I’ll be wearing different shoes – mummy shoes. Working mummy shoes – I can do that, right? 

As I ponder that question, and muddle through this month being extra sentimental and terrified all at the same time, you can expect to see more regular posts (with me buried under a mountain of Kleenex) as I cling to what’s left of this wonderful perfect little life changing year! 


4 thoughts on “Hello July! 

  1. annalavinia18 says:

    aww thank you for reading Vimalla – there’s a link to my Instagram on the website! If you can’t find it, just search lavinia18 ☺️ Hope you’re well! X


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