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Mom To Do List

Mother’s day has just been and gone here in England and it got me thinking. Motherhood causes such a transformation in us but there is so much going on with our brand new little person in those first few weeks that sometimes we don’t even notice the subtlety of its magic. Before we know it, it has crept up over us and its force is unshakeable.

I don’t know about you guys but I have so many moments a day now when I half laugh/half cringe at how terribly mumsy I’ve become! I mean, how, where and when did that even happen!?

Eek, you know the moments I mean right? The ones where you almost see your own mother in the mirror as you walk by!  Yup those ones – I can just see Sophia rolling her little eyes at me now!

Raise ’em up high if you can relate…both mine are up! (Hands and feet)

  1. Reaching into your handbag thinking you’ve found your lipstick and pulling out a tube of Bonjela teething gel instead
  2. Being the proud owner of a handbag that rattles and squeaks
  3. Doing a victory dance when your little one burps (bottom burps included)
  4. Picking up your tiny human to smell their bottom is completely normal and totally necessary
  5. Your night owl days are dead and gone. If you stay up past 9, you’re a hero. No really, #rockstar
  6. You are exhausted just watching your cousins on Snapchat. Yes, Erica, this one is about you!
  7. A lie in is 7am. A lie in till 8am is a miracle and you’re certain there are probably pigs flying somewhere right now or a unicorn at the front door.
  8. Silence is not golden to you, it is suspicious. Very suspicious.image2
  9. Accepting that most food you eat will likely have been partially chewed first and probably from off the floor. 3 second rule people, come on!
  10. Hiding in the conservatory to sneak just one bite of dessert before the inevitable ‘sharing’ begins where your turn never comes.
  11. Always having baby wipes to hand when cleaning everything in the house but not when you actually need to clean the baby.
  12. You spend more time wiping the floor of restaurants post meal than enjoying the food.
  13. ‘Sleeping’ at night is a battlefield with a baby in the bed. Real bruises, real story.image5
  14. Your highlight of the week is meeting up with your NCT girls and mummy friends where of course you vow to spend some time not talking about the kids and yet spend the entire time talking about your kids (happily!)
  15. You live in your jeggings – stained with baby food of course!
  16. There is a never-ending pile of laundry, not helped by the load you’ve just washed for the third time because you forgot to dry it – eek!
  17. Being unable to defy the gravitational force field that surrounds the baby aisle in ANY shop – especially Zara.
  18. You consider it a luxury to have two hands to do any task – cue velcro baby, oh hi arthritic hip, see you soon.
  19. Going to the bathroom is not a solitary occasion. There is always an audience and often applause.
  20. There is a tiny place in hell for those stray pieces of lego which sit and wait for you to stand on them. Ouch doesn’t cover it! image6
  21. You used to have love heart eyes when your husband took you out for a nice meal, now it’s when he does the washing up, or changes the dirty nappy.
  22. The guilt. The mummy guilt, about everything. It plagues you, even and almost always when it really shouldn’t.
  23. Your kisses of course have magical, healing properties which never fail to bring a smile to your face when sought.
  24. The indescribable delight you feel when your toddler looks at you and says, mama, amma, mummy – desperately seeking reassurance, love, approval, a smile, a nod, a kiss or a giggle.And it is all immediately worth it. (well, most of the time :p)


Love you Sophia x mama


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