Save. Our. NHS.


Yes, I’m one of those Junior Doctors. On strike today, fighting for a safe contract, safe working conditions, searching for some appreciation, some value and fighting for the future of the NHS.

It genuinely frightens me to think of the little ones in my immediate life, Sophia, Aishy, and Jacob potentially having to grow up in a society with no NHS.  It is an incredible service built to serve, to help, to provide medical care and support in so many ways and this is the important part, without discrimination to EVERYONE.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all heavy and political on the blog. This particular issue ignites a fire in me that is not very well contained so I’ll keep it simple. As Aneurin Bevan put it,

‘The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it’

Well we’re here and we’re fighting. So please JOIN US and support your junior doctors.

It is everyone’s fight. 

Let’s not let our little ones read about the NHS in a history book, let’s fight so that it is very much in their present.

Here is my latest (and very special) reason for being thankful and grateful for the NHS – my little nephew, Jacob Arjun. Thank you to the junior doctors and wonderful Broomfield midwives involved in the safe delivery of this little bundle especially Vicky and Lesley – you are kind of a big deal in our household x

Love to my husband for these treasured pictures x






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