Save. Our. NHS.


Yes, I’m one of those Junior Doctors. On strike today, fighting for a safe contract, safe working conditions, searching for some appreciation, some value and fighting for the future of the NHS.

It genuinely frightens me to think of the little ones in my immediate life, Sophia, Aishy, and Jacob potentially having to grow up in a society with no NHS.  It is an incredible service built to serve, to help, to provide medical care and support in so many ways and this is the important part, without discrimination to EVERYONE.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all heavy and political on the blog. This particular issue ignites a fire in me that is not very well contained so I’ll keep it simple. As Aneurin Bevan put it,

‘The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it’

Well we’re here and we’re fighting. So please JOIN US and support your junior doctors.

It is everyone’s fight. 

Let’s not let our little ones read about the NHS in a history book, let’s fight so that it is very much in their present.

Here is my latest (and very special) reason for being thankful and grateful for the NHS – my little nephew, Jacob Arjun. Thank you to the junior doctors and wonderful Broomfield midwives involved in the safe delivery of this little bundle especially Vicky and Lesley – you are kind of a big deal in our household x

Love to my husband for these treasured pictures x






Go shawty, it’s my birthday! 

My husband made sure that this birthday was a special one being my first with our dear little girl. A morning spent with Oscar and Sophia and then treated to an afternoon tea at Betty Blythes and dinner at the Shard, just the two of us! It had been a while so of course we’d have lots to talk about other than baby and puppy right?


I joke…(sort of). There was plenty of random chat owing to the discovery that my previously fair tolerance to alcohol had now positively dwindled in its 18 month unmissed absence! But I won’t lie – in between the catch ups, we found ourselves back to a cheeky Sophia anecdote or two. And surprisingly it wasn’t me that was the most guilty of it!

It was our first night away from Sophia since she was born you see so I was a little nervous. Deep down I knew she’d be ok and suspected (correctly) that I’d be the blubbering idiot!

But we survived. Ok more like I survived – she was absolutely fine – so proud of her while simultaneously feeling a little lost faced with her growing independence – geez this parenting thing, sometimes you just can’t win!

All in all, it was a lovely day and one I will always remember. Here are some of my favourite pictures of the day!

Morning birthday greeting from a hula wearing westie and baby girl - it's going to be a good day!

A morning birthday greeting from a hula wearing westie and balloon clad baby girl – it’s going to be a good day (and it was!)




Birthday twirl!



Picked it all on his own and it fit…boy. did. good.



With all the above said and photos shared of ‘my day’, I wanted to take just a moment to honour the real unsung hero of today, that Wednesday afternoon, all those 29 years ago…my mother x

When I was younger I remember having the odd fleeting thought about my mothers labour on my birthday. But it soon passed, it was my day after all, even she said so as she baked the cake, put out the balloons, wrapped all the presents and took all the ‘feeding cake’ Sri Lankan style photos.

Now after having a little girl of my own, the understanding I have of everything she did and still does for me is overwhelming. So here’s to you mum – on this day, my birthday. This isn’t my day, this is yours. Thank you for every tear, drop of sweat and hard work bringing me into this world and then every tear, drop of sweat and hard work keeping a smile on my face and raising me to be the girl, woman and mother I am today x


From mother to grandmother


I love you x endlessly