Lavinia who?

20 facts about me!

1. I like to bake and adore Mary Berry
2. I sing in the shower
3. I can spend hours watching YouTube videos on different ways to plait hair
4. I have recently discovered a love for crochet
5. I love anything duck egg blue
6. I indulge in American TV series marathons! It’s an addiction!
7. My husband is a better cook than me
8. I have a penchant for GBK milkshakes
9. I love peonies and the whimsy of baby’s breath
10. I am a self confessed dreamer – great at making lists, not so good at getting things done.
11. I hate tea and coffee – I’m a hazlenut hot chocolate kinda girl
12. Christina Aguilera – Back to Basics and Robin Thicke – The Evolution of’ are my favourite rainy day soundtracks
13. My dad buys all my sarees (and he’s bloody good at it too)
14. I got married in Florence, Tuscany, just because!
15. Nothing beats my mum’s mutton rolls
16. Good manners and politeness are essential to me – if you’re not nice to the waiter, well, you know the saying!
17. I am a little over sentimental – yes, I’m that girl who keeps cinema tickets, makes scrapbooks and takes a million photos!
18. Puppy cuddles are the best. Fact.
19. I get my inspiration for everything from my family and friends
20.The best thing I have ever done and achieved, and the hardest at that, is becoming a mum! (NB. much harder than medical school)


2 thoughts on “Lavinia who?

  1. Poonam Madar says:

    On your list, rather than agreeing with you that you ‘like’ to bake, I would say you are fantastic at baking! I still remember the awesome cakes you made – anything shaped from a designer handbag to yummy chocolate goodies!

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