Time flies, little one x

To our dear little Sophia x

It feels like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital and looked at each other completely bewildered and lost but so totally in love with you that it didn’t matter.

Ok so we still share those looks now (though, I promise we’re a little less lost).

We smile each time we hear the sweet melody of your conversation, when you learnt how to crawl, and when you stumbled as you took your first few steps. We giggle when you flash us a wide gummy smile while rubbing the sleep from your eyes, when you wave hi and bye and applaud yourself. We are so proud when you sing and dance to any melody, when you share your toys and food so naturally. You are joy personified – and you bring this to us in every little thing that you do.

Here’s to all these moments, the last 10 months and the many many more years of joy you’ll bring us  x We love you dearly x

Mama and Dada x

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